Taraxa Weekly Update — Week 37.

September 15, 2020 Blog No Comments »

As we’re moving further towards the next release of Aphrogenes testnet, we keep working on consensus, node syncing, and Taraxa’s EVM.

DAG and VDF.

Taraxa enables rapid finalization of the block DAG to maximize the network’s throughput. Done this week:

  • Fixed the unit test number of executed DAG blocks;
  • Code review on adding full ROC support for the WebSocket;
  • WIP: block DAG concurrency issue;
  • Working on an issue where the node becomes stuck after a while trying to sync PBFT/DAG blocks.

Network Configuration.

This week we’ve completed the implementation of full RPC support on WebSocket.

EVM Transaction Layer.

We keep working on a more asynchronous pipelined design for transaction execution. This week we’ve been finalizing the stake delegation pseudo-smart-contract.

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