Democratizing Reputation.

Taraxa makes reputation accessible to every Human and Machine with our innovative Layer-1 public ledger.

Reputation for every Human & Machine

Our app platforms create quantifiable reputations by making use of massive informal data sets.

Social Listening

Enable automated mechanisms in marketing, trading and more by distilling quantifiable reputations from informal social interactions.

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Trusted Machines

Bridge trust by giving machines quantifiable reputations by making machine-generated data tamper-proof and auditable.

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Handshake Deals

Minimize confusion, delays, and litigations by building localized reputations from auditable informal, handshake deals.

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Fast, Low-Cost & Green

Taraxa’s unique Layer-1 scales massively without sacrificing security, decentralization, your funds or the planet earth.

Build with Us!

Build on Taraxa's next-gen, EVM-compatible network.

  EVM-Compatible Network
  Low-Cost Transactions
  No Network Congestion
  True Decentralization