IoT's Trust Anchor

A fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

The M2M economy needs trust

Despite rosy forecasts, the internet of things is growing at a crawl. The ecosystem is plagued by lack of hardware security, mistrust for IoT-generated data, and excessive silos that impede the development of cross-device applications. The IoT ecosystem needs a trust layer to bridge these gaps to fully realize its potential. 


Taraxa is designed for scalability, adaptability, and device compatibility

Taraxa introduces speculative concurrency, rapidly-finalizing DAG, adaptive protocol, and trustless light nodes to blockchain. 

Built by a team of accomplished engineers and academics

Our team of engineers and academics hails from Stanford, Princeton, Brown, and Berkleley, with decades of combined experience in distributed systems, multi-processor programming, IoT applications, and IC design, paired with seasoned business professionals from all over the world. 


Applications covering the full range of IoT lifecycle

From device manufacturing, to deployment, data gathering, sharing and analytics, Taraxa and its partners are working hard to deliver a full range of IoT ecosystem-centeric applications. We will reveal our work when they have been deployed in the field with quantifiable value-add. Stay tuned! 

What's new at Taraxa