Taraxa Weekly UPD — Week 48: New fixes to consensus and network configuration.

December 03, 2020 Blog No Comments »

Taraxa public testnet has been running stable, with ~200,000 blocks generated so far. This week, we added advanced node syncing functionalities and fixed some bugs on the consensus side. On to the updates!

Consensus and PBFT.

  • Implemented the executor for execution asynchronous with PBFT.
  • Implemented an unexecuted PBFT queue in the PBFT chain data structure.
  • Modified the PBFT syncing network progress relative to the new PBFT chain data structure.
  • Failed several unit tests on PBFT manager and PBFT syncing, WIP on fixing this.

Node syncing.

  • Added a node/DB/networking versioning with functionality to report errors if different node versions try to communicate over a network, or a new node DB version tries to read from an old DB format.
  • Added a build git hash and build time that together with all the versions can be retrieved with RPC call get_node_version.
  • WIP: adding the database rebuild/reindex functionality.

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