Taraxa Progress Update: May, 2024

Steven Pu • 2 min read • Jun 3, 2024

Taraxa Progress Update: May, 2024

State of the network as of June 2, 2024:

  • 2.022 billion TARA staked and delegated
  • 77 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet
  • 3,212 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 11,730 unique wallet addresses on the Mainnet

Ecosystem Highlights:

  • Learn more about the upcoming Taraxa Ficus Root Bridge and its fully permissionless architecture. A ton more bridge content is incoming to help everyone understand why we need a fully permissionless & secure cross-chain bridge (unlike most bridges in the market today).

  • A preliminary audit report from Trail of Bits on Taraxa’s Ficus Root Bridge has been released. The development team is working closely with Trail of Bits to ascertain whether or not a follow-up audit is necessary. Stay tuned!

  • Taraxa’s TinkerFest hackathon concluded with a BANG! We had over 30 submissions across AI, DeFi, and Gaming, and we expect big things from our winners!

  • Taraxa + Tangem integration completed in May! You can now use Tangem’s cold-storage solutions to access everything in the Taraxa ecosystem!

  • The first AAA web3 game FusyFox has launched Early Access! Check out this action-packed shooter with native ecosystem-specific NFTs. Available on the Epic Store right now!

  • If you missed it, tune in to our monthly dev update on X Spaces, which takes place on the second Thursday of each month.

Taraxa May 2024 Network Stats
Taraxa May 2024 Network Stats

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