Taraxa Progress Update: February, 2024

Steven Pu • 2 min read • Mar 1, 2024

Taraxa Progress Update: February, 2024

State of the network as of March 1, 2024:

  • 2.119 billion TARA staked and delegated
  • 71 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet
  • 1,685 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 9,364 unique wallet addresses on the Mainnet

Ecosystem Highlights:

  • Taraxa launched its $10 million Grant Program ! The press release was widely covered by over 100 crypto news media, including Cointelegraph , Decrypt , Bitcoin.com , and BlockBeats .

  • To help spread awareness for Taraxa's innovative technology and Grant Program, Taraxa ramped up its social presence and generated more than half a million views for Taraxa-related content on Twitter in just 2 weeks - not even counting organic community-generated content!

  • Taraxa's total $TARA supply is capped to 12bn! The Aspen Upgrade began its deployment onto the mainnet and will fully activate by the week of March 24, in line with our development roadmap.

  • Launched a series of Build on Taraxa tutorial videos to help get developers started with building on the Taraxa network.
  • Introduced auto-snapshots for Taraxa's RPC cluster so that it can quickly scale under heavy loads. This is part of our effort to make sure our developer infrastructure can grow just as fast as our ecosystem!

Taraxa February 2024 Network Stats
Taraxa February 2024 Network Stats

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