Pioneering Layer-1 Platform Taraxa Launches Mainnet

Taraxa • 3 min read • May 1, 2023

Pioneering Layer-1 Platform Taraxa Launches Mainnet

Taraxa, a groundbreaking Layer-1 blockchain platform, today announced the launch of its mainnet, ushering in a new era of decentralized technology designed to address real-world challenges and deliver unparalleled performance through its groundbreaking t-Graph consensus. The mainnet launch marks the beginning of a novel decentralized ecosystem enabling non-financial applications across various industries, including the first wave of ecosystem DApps in AI-driven social analytics.

Founded in 2018 by two visionary Stanford engineers, Taraxa has raised cumulatively $19 million in funding. Its mission is to leverage the power of decentralization to address real-world problems by making data and analytics more trustworthy. Its breakthrough approach enables the deployment of automated mechanisms across various business processes, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies. This novel approach offers a lightning-fast throughput of up to 5,000 TPS, an impressive 3.7-second finalization latency, and complete security with zero risk of reorganization. Taraxa is transforming the blockchain landscape by leveraging its state-of-the-art t-Graph consensus technology, tackling the trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization head-on.

"Our mission at Taraxa is to bridge the gap between the decentralized world and real-world applications. We’ve built a truly unique platform that empowers developers and businesses alike to harness the power of blockchain without compromising on scalability or security."

Steven Pu, Co-founder of Taraxa.

Taraxa has already made a significant impact in real-world applications, enabling a diverse range of other non-financial applications. Success stories include providing AI-driven social analytics for use cases such as automated social campaigns and trend-spotting. It has also been assisting construction contractors in minimizing risks associated with project delays, rework, and litigation by creating an on-chain audit trail of informal change orders. Additionally, Taraxa has helped asset leasing companies and their lessees overcome distrust of equipment-generated usage data crucial to estimating profit sharing.

Designed with developers in mind, Taraxa is committed to fostering a vibrant multi-chain ecosystem. With backward compatibility to Ethereum’s EVM, developers can effortlessly build on Taraxa without learning new skills, while benefiting from faster throughput, lower latency, and substantially reduced transaction fees. Taraxa’s extensive resources, tools, and support ensure a seamless transition to its platform.

The Taraxa community places the highest emphasis on the security and stability of its Layer-1 platform. The network has been rigorously stress-tested for nearly 18 months prior to the mainnet launch. Now, the community will shift its focus to fostering adoption and growth within the Taraxa ecosystem.

As Taraxa continues to evolve and expand, its differentiation from other Layer-1 platforms becomes increasingly evident. Its focus on non-financial applications, advanced consensus technology, and developer-centric approach make Taraxa a unique and promising player in the blockchain landscape.

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About Taraxa

Taraxa is an innovative Layer-1 platform committed to delivering scalable, secure, and decentralized solutions that address real-world challenges. By employing its groundbreaking t-Graph consensus and fostering a developer-friendly ecosystem, Taraxa is poised to reshape the way businesses and individuals interact with decentralized applications. Founded in 2018 by Stanford engineers, Taraxa is dedicated to driving adoption and growth within the blockchain industry.

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