Mathematically provable audit trails to protect your data integrity.

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The operational book of record is full of holes.

Cryptographically secured audit trails for next-level transparency.

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Trusted and audit-ready.

‘We are now able to document that materials have been through our control plan so that we can provide auditors with appropriate information whenever required. And purchase orders in our ERP system have their Certificate of Analysis attached, which is vital for our ability to ensure traceability of organic products and verify the chemical composition of material we include in our products or products we purchase from others. This audit traceability is absolutely vital for us as a company to maintain our customers’ trust, and we can now achieve it with less administrative overhead’.

Prevent audit trail changes.

All processes at your fingertips.

Have your audit trails intact and be one step ahead of operational risk with Taraxa. Ask us about our solutions at!

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