Taraxa Community Update: January 2020

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How did we spend January here at Taraxa? More lines of code, hours of client meetings and Uber rides, six pizzas, and two new hires! To be more precise, the month was mostly focused on pushing the technical development of Taraxa’s Testnet, carrying on with our R&D, and setting the goals for 2020. On to the updates!


➕The Tech

This month we successfully accomplished multiple sprints of adding functionalities and fixing bugs of Aphrogenes to ship new features for the next release. In addition to the improved procedural stability and persistent state for nodes, we plan to roll out a block explorer to visualize DAG and block confirmation Metamask wallet integration.

Consensus and PFBT

  • Added exist DAG block checking, and fix counting DAG block issue
  • Added locking for DagManager::deleterPeriod. Comment out assert for size compare of DAG and anchor tree, need test to check if will catch up later
  • Added a temporary PBFT sortition accounts table for intermediate updating during execution (the permanent table would only be able to update at beginning of each new round of PFBT)
  • Started using a sortition accounts table instead of DB for an account search
  • Handled the race condition where the number of active players is zero
  • Fixed PBFT syncing height consistency issue and reviewed PBFT syncing code

Optimizing the network’s throughput

  • Experimented with ways to ensure that block DAG period finalization’s voting rounds rapidly converge by dynamically selecting period block candidates a few levels back into the block DAG, instead of always voting on blocks at the frontier.
  • Implemented the new sync/bootstrapping where PBFT and DAG are synced in parallel.
  • Finished implementation of the new sync/bootstrapping and tested /debugged related issues
  • Fixed a bug where two blocks with same transactions occur one after another in DAG
  • Debugged a DAG bug which block will package the same transactions with its anchor block and point to the anchor block
  • Fixed flaky tests for getting the peer count

Making it developer-friendly

Thanks for sticking with us!