Infrastructure for frictionless business

Businesses today need to innovate faster than ever to adapt to an ever-changing world. Taraxa helps you run operations without friction from day one, to scale up rapidly and efficiently.

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Remote Work

Don’t let complexity, confusion, and app fragmentation stand in the way, collaborate and monitor progress confidently with your teams.

Change Orders

Easily & confidently record change orders to maintain accountability and keep the project moving forward without delays or disputes.

Heavy Equipment Leasing

Confidently agree on data and revenues generated by equipment via cryptographically-secure hardware endpoints, anchored to an audit trail.

Purpose-built decentralized infrastructure

Taraxa’s decentralized ledger tech is built from the ground up to drive rapid business innovation by building operations transactional confidence inside and outside your business, automatically, quickly, and securely.

Need auditable ops insight without the pain? Just marinate it

In a category of its own, Marinate helps businesses easily and confidently collect hitherto uncollectible operational transactions, say goodbye to silos, confusion, and disputes.

Built by professionals

Our team is made up of engineering, academic, and business professionals hailing from Stanford, Berkeley, and Brown, coupling extensive experience in infrastructural technology with in-depth business operational expertise.