Taraxa Grant Program

Apply for a grant with the Taraxa Grant Program and start building on Taraxa!


Taraxa is an open-source, permissionless Layer-1 ecosystem that promotes and supports the development and adoption of useful and creative ways to leverage decentralization to solve problems. To this end, the Taraxa community has voted to institute a Grant Program to help seed promising projects built using the Taraxa network.


Any individual, team, and organizations of any type are welcome to apply to the Taraxa Grant Program. The initial application into the Taraxa Grant Program will require the following details,

  • Core team members' profiles
  • A Taraxa Community Site account with successfully passed KYC
  • A working prototype or demo of what they want to build
  • Benefits your project will bring to the Taraxa ecosystem and its community
  • Technical and go to market roadmaps
  • Measurable milestones tied to use of funds used for grant disbursements

Apply today!

Review Process:

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We may reach out to you to request additional information and/or schedule a call as necessary. The team will typically respond to applications within 2-3 weeks.

Applicants will be notified of decisions via email.

Evaluation Criteria:

Taraxa Grant Program is meant to fund projects that are,

  • Decentralized: only truly permissionless and decentralized projects will be considered.
  • Open-source: only projects founded on the idea of open collaboration and innovation will be considered.
  • Uniquely contributes to Taraxa’s ecosystem: projects that add unique value to the Taraxa ecosystem will be prioritized. This can be a truly unique piece of technology or application, or it could simply be something that Taraxa’s ecosystem sorely lacks but already exists elsewhere.
  • Clear use of funds: thoughtful, practical, and truthful explanation of how funds will be used to accomplish measurable milestones.
  • Ability to execute: convince us that you have what it takes to not just execute but also persist till your vision comes to fruition.

Taraxa Grant Program is NOT meant to be used for,

  • Marketing: to ensure regulatory compliance, grants will only be given to fund technical development, not marketing.
  • Substitute for venture funding: to ensure that ecosystem projects simultaneously can stand on their own with sufficient market and user validation, as well as minimizing the long-term undue influence of the Taraxa Grant Program on any ecosystem project, ensuring their independence.

Grant Disbursement:

All grant funds will be disbursed through Taraxa's Community Site to the applicant's account with an approved KYC. Grants are disbursed according to the achievement of measurable milestones tied to use of funds as agreed upon between the applicant and the dev team conducting reviews. The Taraxa dev team will be available to meet with grant recipients on a regular basis, not only to receive updates on projects but also to see what help beyond the funds the dev team can help to provide.