Taraxa AMA #1

2月 15, 2020 博客 No Comments »

For the first AMA of the year, we sat down with Taraxa’s Co-Founder and CEO Steven Pu to shed more light on the current state of our Testnet and Taraxa’s applications that we put at the core of our work for the next coming months.

Q.1: What are the major milestones that you’re setting for Taraxa to hit in 2020 considering the stage the project is at now?

Q 2: Now let’s dig deeper into Taraxa’s tech stack. Starting the core consensus algorithm — how is rapid finalization achieved, and why should we care about it in the first place?

Taraxa’s concurrent VM

Q.3: Could you briefly explain how DAG solves the ‘double-spend’ issue?

Q4: The adaptive protocol in Taraxa is not well understood. For example, are parameters such as block generation rate and block size automatically calculated?

Q.5: Taraxa mentions light nodes that do not need to completely trust the full nodes. Can you introduce the basic principles of light nodes?

Q. 6: Taraxa’s applications span horizontally across multiple industries — from automotive (for one of the world’s largest OEMs in Japan) to construction (change orders) and heavy asset management. What’s your broader vision for the convergence of blockchain and other emerging tech like IoT in terms of optimizing organizational workflows?

That’s a wrap for today!

We thank you all for the continuous interest in what we do here at Taraxa. Watch this space, and fire your questions to our Telegram chat — we will select the most interesting ones for the next installment of our AMAs.

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