Taraxa Weekly Update: Week 10

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We’re back with a weekly update on the state of Taraxa’s Testnet

Another sprint on improving Aphrogenes’s stability, consensus, and transaction engine successfully completed. Let’s break down this past week’s work to see what’s new.

Consensus and PBFT

The efficient block proposal scheme enables Taraxa’s PoS system to produce fair, efficient and non-coordinated block proposals, which is essential for the network’s security.

  1. Code review on Aleth improvements and refactoring transactions.
  2. Research and design on the PBFT statue machine and improvements to the PBFT protocol.
  3. VRF voting system knowledge dump.

Concurrent EVM and RPC

Taraxa adopts an EVM-compatible toolchain to achieve maximum backward-compatibility to make sure our code is modular and reusable.

  1. Explored C++ static code analysis tools, ran some tests with CPP-check and started fixing CPP-check errors/warnings in Taraxa’s code.

2. Continued work on the EVM storage improvements.

3. DPoS and ETH JSON-RPC testing.

General ledger improvements

Taraxa enables the rapid finalization of the block DAG to maximize the throughput and minimize inclusion and finalization latency.

  1. Completed code refactoring in Transaction manager and queue. This should fix the transaction count bug and prevent any race condition in changing transaction status.
  2. Separated transaction classes into separate files for each class.

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Stay tuned!

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