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Hype your project on social by rewarding sustainable community interactions & discussions – automatically and transparently.

Hype: the First DApp on Echo

Demonstrates the power of trust-worthy informal social data.

Social Listening

Enabling automated mechanisms in marketing & trading with quantifiable reputations from informal social interactions.


Build Web3 communities confidently by precisely rewarding sustainable social interactions & discussions, automatically and transparently.

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Trend Spotter

Discover the next big thing, tracking a project / topic / influencer, or compose your own trading strategy, all with social trends.

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Trusted Machines

Bridging trust in operations by giving machines quantifiable reputations by making machine-generated data tamper-proof and auditable.

Asset Leasing

Bridging trust between stakeholders in asset leasing by making machine-generated operational data tamper-proof & auditable.

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High-Value Asset Monitoring

Give investors complete transparency on high-value assets such as rare whiskey by anchoring sensor readings on-chain.

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Handshake Deals

Minimize confusion, delays, and litigations by building localized reputations from auditable informal, handshake deals.

Supply Chain QC

Augment supply chain quality control (QC) transparency and accountability with on-chain anchoring of critical stakeholder interactions.

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Change Order Management

Minimize confusion, delays, and litigations by anchoring handshake change orders between contractors on a construction site.

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