Purpose-built decentralized architecture

Built from the ground up to drive rapid business innovation by building operations transactional confidence inside and outside your business, automatically, quickly, and securely.

Public Testnet has launched!

Scalability without sacrificing security or decentralization

Single Chain’s Tough Trade-Offs

Why the single-chain topology needs an upgrade.

Block DAG and Proof of Stake

How Taraxa is more inclusive and environmentally friendly with Block DAG and PoS.

Secure and Fair Block DAG Ordering

Solving a challenging impartial ordering problem while securing against malicious attacks.

Fair and Efficient Proposals

How to replicate PoW’s randomness, delay without destroying the planet’s environment.

True Finality for Block DAG

Using an asynchronous and highly scalable PBFT process to introduce true finality and periods into the Block DAG.