Taraxa Weekly Update — Week 46.

November 16, 2020 Blog No Comments »

Taraxa Testnet up and running in public mode, new fixes to PBFT & DAG.

Taraxa testnet has been live for about a month, you can check out the block explorer here: https://explorer.testnet.taraxa.io/ This week we’ve merged new fixes to the consensus layer and VDF integration. On to the updates!

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Debugged the delegated boot node issue where a node couldn’t resync after rolling restart on the public testnet;
  • WIP: implementing the executor module that is asynchronous with the PBFT manager to get the EVM execution async with PBFT.


  • Fixed WebSocket bug that used to make WebSocket connection disconnect intermittently;
  • Added the VDF- JSON serialization/deserialization, put it to the DAG block RPC-JSON;
  • Refactored the VDF/VRF implementation to reduce the size of objects and remove any static data in them;
  • Fixed the transaction queue limit bug;
  • WIP: node/DB/network protocol versioning.

Check out our updated Ledger Roadmap and follow GitHub to be in the loop of our latest!

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