Taraxa Weekly Update — Week 38.

September 21, 2020 Blog No Comments »

Moving further to the next network release, we’re hard at work on Aphrogenes’s consensus mechanism and transaction execution.

Network configuration and node syncing.

  • Working on a bug that prevents node syncing after blockchain becomes large enough;
  • WIP: fixing the issue of a node being extremely slow to restart after generating over 10k blocks.

DAG and VDF integration.

  • Replaced the checking compare total DAG vertices with the number of DAG blocks in DB;
  • Implemented the mutex lock for DAG anchors and recently added blocks to fix the concurrency issue;
  • Changed the type of DAG maximum level to atomic for multiple threads.

EVM transaction layer.

We keep working on a more asynchronous pipelined design for transaction execution. This week we’ve been finalizing the stake delegation pseudo-smart-contract.

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