Taraxa Weekly Update: Week 12

March 24, 2020 Blog No Comments »

Perfecting Taraxa Testnet’s stability

With the state of California on the lockdown, our team — just like the rest of Silicon Valley — has switched to remote mode. And it looks like the home office working out pretty well so far: more iterations on the applications design and network stability done this week. On to the updates!

Consensus and PBFT

Efficient proposals enable Taraxa’s PoS to produce fair and non-coordinated block proposals, which is essential for the network’s security. Accomplished this week:

  • Finished moving the PBFT chain head DB separate from PBFT chain, fixed all the unit tests
  • Jumped to the PBFT state machine implementation
  • Code review of CPPcheck and code refactoring


We introduced an EVM-compatible toolchain to achieve maximum backward-compatibility to make Taraxa’s code modular and reusable, and the unique concurrent virtual machine that is able to run smart contracts in parallel ultimately increasing the network’s throughput.

  • Fixed some CPPcheck changes related bugs
  • Looked into updating Aleth to a more recent version
  • Implemented more detailed error handling for inserting transactions with RPC
  • Finished and tested the EVM storage improvements
  • Next up: merge with Taraxa_node, setup CI for the EVM, concurrent transactions

As we get closer to the Mainnet launch, we’re happy to have more contributors to Taraxa’s code — give us a follow on Github, if you’d like to become one.

Stay healthy and watch this space!

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