Taraxa Weekly Tech Update: 2019 Week 46

December 06, 2019 Blog No Comments »

At the end of October we released our second monthly update, “Aphrogenes”, to our Taraxa testnet. I encourage you to read more about it. This week saw the completion of our first of two sprints to our next monthly testnet upgrade. In addition to fixing performance issues as they arise in our initial testnet releases, we have been working to cleanup bits of code that are proof-of-concept and replace them with robust implementations. This week we finished implementing the underlying classes and methods for our efficient (PoW puzzle free), fair (inclusive protocol), and fast (DAG) block proposer scheme.

Full Node Syncing

  • Optimized flushing of synced PBFT blocks queue if any blocks fail cert vote validation
  • Completed code review for PBFT sync improvements
  • Modified VRF sortition unit test cases

Efficient Block Proposal Scheme

  • Created VRF C++ wrapper implementing our necessary methods
  • Refactored vote class for true VRF sortition
  • Fixed unit tests to use new set of true VRF key pairs

Execution Layer

  • Finished implementing Ethereum block as composition of period of DAG blocks and created pull request

Stay tuned.

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