Taraxa Community Update: August 2020.

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➕ The product

Our key product focus remains on Taraxa’s application for operational process auditing. With scalable APIs that can be easily integrated into internal business systems, processes become visible and trusted. Based on the robust blockchain ledger, our solution will remove uncertainty in everyday communication by adding context to everyday handshake agreements.

Auditable handshake agreements greatly increase stakeholder accountability and minimize the risk of disputes.

We’re building a brand new interaction model that removes the confusion associated with the decision-making by establishing a clear record of all informal business conversations. Companies with a complex hierarchy of stakeholders (e.g., asset leasing, industrial goods), those working in rapidly changing environments (e.g. supply chains, construction, etc.), or those using remote workforce can all benefit in several ways:

  • Everyday handshake agreements confidently captured.

Even when merely texting or emailing, team members can be sure about what they actually agreed to without the need to follow up. The platform retains and verifies everyday casual communication through cryptographic signatures and immutable audit logging.

  • All processes trusted and verified.

Get all the context you need and continuous insight in real-time by looking under the hood of all processes and interactions. The decision-making becomes transparent and auditable, while stakeholders keep full control over sign-offs and rejections on critical agreements.

  • Peace of mind when working in a ‘bring-your-own-app’ setting.

Unload yourself from constant coordinating and filtering out data. Seamless integrations with all the popular communication tools — from SMS to Gmail and Slack — will let you keep using whatever’s best suited for your needs.

We’re about to launch a brand new website that will cover all the latest product features and findings — follow the updates!

➕ The Community

We keep sharing our expertise in building scalable blockchain applications and decentralized data auditing and super thrilled to be invited to LA Blockchain Week! Steven will join a cohort of stellar speakers to share his take on how to wrap up blockchain’s functionalities in a product that is simple to use on a large-scale, and Taraxa’s application seeking path from IoT data markets and mobile bandwidth sharing to heavy asset leasing and change order management. More details coming soon!

Steven was also shortlisted for @BlockBeatsChina’s AMA together with @fmong to talk about trusted data, IoT, and the rocky road of deploying blockchain applications at scale.

More highlights from our Twitter:

➕ The Tech

Moving on with the Aphrogenes’s deployment, we keep working on consensus and optimizing the transaction execution layer. Taraxa makes use of VRF-enabled fast PBFT process and speculative concurrency to maximize the network’s throughput, and most of the month was about optimizing DAG and VDF integration. We’ve also started rewriting the EVM transaction layer with a more asynchronous design for transaction execution.

  • Implemented DAG blocks validation and fixed initial value for VDF parameters;
  • Tested different VDF parameters for generating a diagram to adjust the VDF-DAG proposal rate;
  • Combined the VDF-DAG proposal parameter into a single config file;
  • Cleaned up the random rate DAG block proposal;
  • Added the VDF logging channel, refactored and fixed unit tests for the VDF-DAG proposal;
  • Finished the VDF-DAG block proposal implementation, reviewed the pull request, and merged it into the master branch.

More highlights from this month’s ledger work:

And that’s a wrap! Get in touch to learn more about Taraxa’s applications, follow us on Twitter for project updates and announcements, and chat with our team on Telegram.

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