Keep using your favorite apps.

Build consensus through cryptographically enforced sign-offs, all without leaving your favorite apps!

No more confusion, delay or disputes.

All marinated records are backed by a lightweight, scalable and fully auditable log, giving all stakeholders the confidence to keep working on the business, rather than the process.

Capture casual business agreements.

Keep track of casual agreements of all kinds – from handshakes and change orders to process sign-offs and formal contracts. Just Marinate it!

Eliminate disagreements on asset earnings.

Make asset earnings and operational status transparent and auditable to restore trust in asset-generated data and your business partners.

Rest easy, there’s nothing to hack.

With our secure IoT endpoints augmented by finance-grade secure element and write-once MCUs, there’s simply nothing there to hack.

Real-time business insights.

Evaluate asset performance across locations, timeframes, types and any other dimension to discover room for improvement, all backed up by the immutable audit trail.