Taraxa Progress Update: June, 2024

Steven Pu • 2 min read • Jul 1, 2024

Taraxa Progress Update: June, 2024

State of the network as of July 1, 2024:

  • 2.1 billion TARA staked and delegated
  • 70 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet
  • 3,345 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 12,260 unique wallet addresses on the Mainnet

Ecosystem Highlights:

  • Taraxa’s Ficus Root Bridge has been deployed onto the testnet! The dev team is working to conduct rounds of testing to ensure its stability & security.

  • Find out more about liquid staking on Taraxa from an ecosystem AMA with LARA_DAO, where you can enjoy 1-click staking via a simplified UI, as well as increased yields from auto-compounding.

  • Taraxa is proud to partner with Omniscia, a leading web3 security audit service provider, to offer fast-track onboarding and discounts to all projects in the Taraxa ecosystem!

  • Taraxa’s upcoming Ficus Root Bridge is designed to be highly secure, thanks to its fully on-chain state verification, non-reliance of a large separate network, and more!

  • We were featured on Justin Bons’ pitching session on Spaces! He was extremely impressed by Taraxa’s innovative blockDAG + EVM + PoS consensus, helping to spread the word about the $TARA ecosystem.

  • Keep updated with Taraxa’s development with the monthly progress updates on Spaces for May, 2024, where we answered many questions highlighting Taraxa’s superior technical differentiators as well as ongoing efforts to spread awareness for the $TARA ecosystem!

  • Taraxa’s DeFi ecosystem will launch with a full suite of partners, including DEXs (Fusy, taraSwap), oracles (Tellor), synthetic stables (Meridian), and more!

  • Taraxa’s upcoming Ficus Root Bridge is designed to be 100% permissionless, no longer do you have to get permission from a centralized entity to deploy new assets, or worry about being kicked off a bridge for not meeting trading volume targets. Taraxa is committed to the core values of decentralization!

  • Learn about how the Taraxa Ficus Root bridge works from a user’s perspective with this handy infographic.

Taraxa May 2024 Network Stats
Taraxa May 2024 Network Stats

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