Taraxa Weekly Tech Update: 2019 Week 45

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Last week we released our second monthly update, “Aphrogenes”, to our Taraxa testnet. I encourage you to read more about it. This week was the start of the first of two sprints to our next monthly testnet upgrade. In addition to fixing performance issues as they arise in our initial testnet releases, we are beginning work to cleanup bits of code that are proof-of-concept and replace them with robust implementations. This week we started with implementing our efficient (PoW puzzle free), fair (inclusive protocol), and fast (DAG) block proposer scheme.

Full Node Bootstrapping

  • Fixed PBFT chain syncing requests inefficiently being sent multiple times with same info to multiple peers
  • Fixed PBFT chain syncing deadlock edge cases
  • Implemented block and vote validation for PBFT synced blocks
  • Modified PBFT synceed queue type to PbftBlockCert
  • Corrected update of PBFT sortition table after execution of schedule blocks
  • Implemented optimized path for synced votes verification in vote manager

Efficient Block Proposal Scheme

  • Integrated VRF code into taraxa-node codebase
  • Created tests for VRF
  • Worked towards VRF+VDF proposer path

Execution Layer

  • Finished “stale nonce” protocol implementation
  • Working to recast Ethereum block as composition of period of DAG blocks

Stay tuned.

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