Taraxa Weekly Update: Week 6

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As we approach the launch of our Mainnet, we keep polishing up  release in terms of the network’s overall stability and throughput. This week we hit another major milestone of deploying updated public Testnet nodes with functional smart contract operability, and also started smart contract performance focus within the internal Taraxa cluster test.

Consensus and PBFT

We kept working on Taraxa’s block proposal scheme to make sure that synchronization queues and database commits are atomic for PBFT:

  1. Code review for DAG block transactions limitation and DAG block sender/hash fix
  2. Tested and debugged a node stuck by PBFT active players decline to zero
  3. Fixed counting PBFT active players by the block DAG proposing
  4. Fixed the bug for counting PBFT active players in sortition table
  5. Debugged and found the block DAG block signature issue

Throughput optimization

We make use of the DAG topology to enhance the network’s overall throughput by enabling the rapid finalization of the block DAG:

  1. Improved the block proposer configuration params input
  2. Improved DAG syncing by adding syncing missing leaves
  3. Fixed a race condition in transaction status/saving to database
  4. Fixed incorrect hash and sender address calculation of DAG blocks

VM integration and RPC interfaces

Making Taraxa developer-friendly has been our focus from day one. We adopted an EVM-compatible toolchain to achieve maximum backward-compatibility to make sure our code is modular and reusable. Here’s what has been accomplished on this front this week:

  1. Simplified/optimized the storage layer in the ‘Go-Ethereum’ fork (Taraxa-EVM)
  2. Explored ways of improving on Ethereum trie performance/parallelism, as well as complete alternatives to it.

If you’d like to contribute to the building of Taraxa, reach out on our  and be sure to keep track of  as we prepare for the launch of our Mainnet.