Break down operational silos with Taraxa.

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Bring everyone on the same page without costly infrastructure updates.

Keep operations in sync at a lower cost and much higher speed.

When it comes to optimizing the decision-making process, none of today’s enterprise software solutions addresses silos in daily business interactions. Taraxa aims to change that with robust data anchoring solutions that add clarity and auditability to everyday operations, boosting operational efficiency by orders of magnitude.

Faster processes, better results.

Process coordination and approvals become smooth and fast for stakeholders and partners both inside and outside your organization. Operations become visible and accountable, making it easier to spot process inefficiencies and continuously improve the performance.

Systems of records in consistency and continuity.

Taraxa adds an independent chain of custody that spans all company departments and customer interactions to the backbone of your business. Now you know for sure who did what, when — from planning to the execution, and further on to the process assessment.

True situational awareness and fewer disputes.

Step up your compliance reporting and get more leverage with regulators and in legal procedures at court by having all facts and events mathematically proved.

A transparent audit trail that doesn’t disrupt your IT stack.

Preserving the clarity and verifiability of operations is essential for long-term growth. Taraxa helps to achieve that by anchoring all the critical OpsData into a transparent audit trail so that you can easily prove the integrity of your planning, execution, and assessment from end to end.

Taraxa for data anchoring

Confidently track your operations to stack up against the competition, even at the time of economic recession.

Learn more about Taraxa and the solutions we’re building.

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